Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Keep our world clean

You might just think throwing your rubbish on the ground is no biggie but  unfortunately it is a biggie. As you see we are surrounded by bins and if not then pull out a plastic bag and put your rubbish bag in, It’s not hard.

Littering can kill animals, people and plants. I t can kill animals because they can eat it and die. We can die from it being in sewers and the environment not being clean. In other words you can die from oxygen because the air would not be fresh. Sometimes it can kill plants because of the environment.

People around the world litter for these amount of reasons. They can’t be bothered finding a rubbish bin or trying to act cool sometimes it can be because of the number of bins. If you litter and get caught there is consequences . The littering fine is $220

To keep our world clean we need your help. It only takes a little bit for you to help. Help and Keep our World Clean.

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