Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tragic House Fire

Last week a horrible house fire happened in Hamilton. It was a terrible tragedy that took the life of three young people aged 17, 19 and 23. The fire broke out after a party that was held in Collingwood street. There was four that escaped the blaze they were Bayley Reid, 17, of Hamilton, Raine Tarawa, of Tauranga, Joseph Soutar, of Tauranga and Michael Heyes, of New Plymouth. They escaped by jumping out of windows with just minor injuries.

With every one else the four survivors payed their respects to those who were killed in the blaze. Not only did they have funerals for the families to remember them by they also had a lantern commemoration. The Police arrested three people on that night for being disrespectful and also four teenagers for drinking vigil outside the house.

Police are still investigating the house fire and who might have caused the tragedy. They were looking for video footage of the party. What they already know is that earlier on in the night a fight broke out that night over someone taking a beer.

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