Saturday, November 29, 2014

Story line's Festival

Over 600 kids from schools all over Auckland went to the Manukau events Center on Thursday to see some of their favorite authors, also to listen to some other amazing New Zealand authors to. Why you ask because they are apart of the Story line's Festival.

There were only 4 speakers with all inspiring books and tales. They showed the books that they did and how they came to be the person that they are. All 4 of them were girls and there names were Juliette Mclver, Cath Mayo, Jill MacGregor and Paula Green. You might remember them or may there your favorite authors.

My 2 favorite authors from that day was Juliette Mclver and Jill MacGregor. Because they kept me entertain and I wasn't bored when they were speaking about their books. Another reason was because they were both wacky and lit up the room with laughs.

If I had the opportunity to speak at the Story line's festival I would, something I would have liked to ask them was how old were they when they decided they wanted to be an author. Was it on purpose or accident.

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