Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Immersion Assembly Term 4

“ Give it up for Team 4 “ Mr Burt announced with a tinge of excitement in his voice. The teachers from team 4 stood up, while wearing their disguises and walked upto the stage getting ready to wow us with their topic. Which they were going to be looking into during this term.

Standing in a formatted line the 5 famous artists held up their most valuable paintings. That they had brought to see which the audience preferred, this was held in our very own school hall ! They were a variety of different artists from different places in the world.

To help us pick which artist the audience preferred, they all had a speech prepared.
It helped us know a little bit about  where they were from and the techniques they liked to use also the inspiration they got while in the process of these paintings. Some of the techniques they used while painting was a steady stroke, dabbing the brush and doing blobs.

All describing where they were from and the different techniques they used. Majority of them had carried an accent from the previous countries, they were in. Even though some of them weren’t accurate they still made people laugh.

Here are the artist that were re enacted and cloned.

Fatu Fe’uu (Samoan)
Vincent Van Gogh   ( bandaged ear)
Pablo Picasso  (cubism) angular
Monet (French accent)
George Seurat  pointillism dots

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