Thursday, July 19, 2012

MT . Eden

Adventurous was what I was feeling on Friday . When we went on a trip to Mt Eden for an nature                 experience . From a mountain's view . We went on the flying fox also we walked with loss in our mind          when walking through the bush walk . There were rocks that were stacked up on each other it was cool       because it made you feel like you were bear grills . When the walk ended we were all lost and the only way down was to go down a hill . Slipping away to tree to tree .  It was like pinball for a minute but there were a few similarities .

After that I went on the flying fox it was fun and scary . At the end you had to put your head down or else it  will hit your head . After my turn it was my dad and my little brothers turn . He was happy as . with both of them on they nearly touched the ground . It was funny watching them .

We went on a bush walk it was freaky because it was just me and my cousin Gabby . And we went on           the rocks that were stacked up on each other . I had slippery shoes on and then I nearly fell luckily I had a   tight grip on to my cousin . We were calling my cousin and trying to scare my cousin . She then found us      and we were laughing .

To end our beautiful day we went home and got to play a basket ball game .  At the courts . When we were puffed out we sat on the hill and watched the sun set . Who would ever think a basket ball court was a nice place to watch the sun set

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