Monday, July 30, 2012

Equestrian Olympics

Equestrian is a sport that is played in the olympics . It showcases jumping over stables and a little bit of dancing with a horse . There is a obstacle course that each competitor and horse has to do together . Their points are managed on how well they turn on the corners . There is absolute joy in feeling their powerful muscles with your every wish and command .

Whether you are a horse rider or not you should give Equestrian ago . If possible you will need to we're leather boots with heels also long pants are rirequired . A helmet should be provided in this sport in case you fall off and hit your head .  For the horses care you groom it . Did you know that you must by horse clothing before  you purchase a horse .

In a grooming kit you must have curry comb to break up the loose hair also a stiff body brush to remove or the debris and a soft finishing brush for the shine and gloss .

You must take care of your horse and concentrate on the medal . There is not that much techniques used in Equestrian but the one technique that is used on horses is love .

Winning a gold medal as a Equestrian is hard . You need to practise practise and practise . Also your horse must be 9 years old or more for them to compete in the olympics . Did you know that the 56 year old New Zealand competer won Bronze which made him come third . He had a 49.10 penalty .

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