Monday, July 16, 2012

Immersion Assembly

Walking through the door to school . I was wondering what we were learning about for this term . Turning around I saw the board that was telling us about what we are learning about . We then found out that we were learning about the Olympics but our heading was Go For Gold . I wasn't really surprised of the topic this term because of the Olympics . As I play netball and like some other sports I was really looking forward to doing some research on some different sports .

When I took my first step into the school  hall for immersion assembly my mind went crazy . Not like other assembly when the teachers are dressed like cave men and weird princess . This term they weren't that crazy only a bit . But when I looked around to all the teachers and teams that were dressed up and then when I looked around back to our team they were normal . Then I started to wonder what our item was going to be ?. It was the funniest there .

All of the items were inspiring and funny and had a hole lot of information  . After team 1 &2 I started to get inspired and I found out about some Olympians like Jesse Owen which is a famous Olympian for running . Did you know that he ran in the 500 kilometres and placed second .  Which would be pretty hard .

When doing his training's he had to run a 250 kilometres  track .

Do you know how to be a Olympian ?


Here's a few links to the Olympics site

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