Friday, September 7, 2012

Biggest Sneeze....

Do you now why you sneeze ? Well I will be telling you all about sneezes in my own imagination .

When I do any thing with dust or medicine I get a powerful sneeze that can make me travel to one country to another . It has a lot of abilities. That this big sneeze can do. There are reasons for the up sides and down sides.

Because it is annoying when I need to take medicine because of an illness and disorderly. Their are two reasons on the upside. First reason is because I don't have to clean stuff with dust and fluff. Second reason is because I get paid for taking people to other countries.

When I travel to other countries the gear you must have. Are helmets cloths suits. But not any suits, suits that are not going to put snot and spit. The spit that is go's on you, you can't see because it is very small. If you don't wear the suit you get an allergy.

It is only some times that when I sneeze all the yucky stuffs come out . But just in case I do I would were a suit for my own good .

Symptoms of this allergy are three eyes with conjunctivitis, pumpkin head, Camel toe and a hideous face.  

It is funny to watch them get this allergy but is not okay when KARMA strikes you . The symptoms of this made sure that all of the people pay for their suits if

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  1. Wow Ashlee
    Great story you have written.
    I like it and it is kind of funny and the bunny look quiet


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