Monday, September 10, 2012

Amittyvile horror

Welcome on this blog post I will be telling you about a horror called the Amittyville horror. It is a true story so I hope you check it out and love it or get frightened. Do not let little kids watch this movie if you check it out. This horror was in America. In the weekends I was bored so I asked my mum if we could watch a horror. The horror was called the Amittyville horror.

Once there were a family of seven, With three girls and four boys. They all had there own room but the 2 boys had to share one and the older brother Ronnie had to sleep down in the basement. When he was down in the basement he heard voices telling him to kill his family. Because they were a bunch of demons , So he went and loaded his shot gun and went in to each room shooting them in there heads. From the mum and dad to the brothers and the sister. The little girl Jodie heard all of this and went into her closet and was hiding when Ronnie came in he shot her. That went on the newspaper and news in America.

Mean while the blood got cleaned up and the spirits got taken away except for Jodie's. The family looked at the house and decided to buy it. They moved in and on day 1 the mother and step father where in their room and the clock had clicked over to 3.15 and the step father had been down to the basement and saw the little girl but the mother did not. When he saw her he got scared and started to puke so the mother went to the mall to get some medicine. And left him in charge .

When she went down to the mall she met a baby sitter . In between the mall and the date their were a tragedy with the little girl Chelsea nearly fell into the water . When the baby sitter came over she was telling the older brother the story. She went into the little girls room and started mocking Jodie because she got her fired . The older brother dared her to go in the closet when she went in the closet. The lights dimmed and the door locked she was screaming because she saw the little girl and put her finger in the hole of her head. Where the gun shot was.

If you would like more information check the movie out . Or wait till my next blog post. P.S this is only half of the movie.

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