Friday, March 14, 2014

Katy Perry Video Offence

Katy Perry’s Dark Horse

Katy Perry is a successful singer who has won grammys, Oscars, and plenty of other awards.She is age 29 and in her years of music and craziness no one has ever seen her gone this bad.

When her video was first released Dark Horse with Juicy J that was the first act of her bad streak. Also there was a lot of offence from the religion Islam because if you look at the video it shows her being powerful than god. Islam was offended because that is a religious town who believe in God and Jesus and she just disrespected that because of all the illuminati signs and scenes where she was more powerful than god.

Yes You read it right Katy Perry did have scenes in her video that offended God. If you would like to see the video Dark Horse and see what all the commotions is go on youtube and watch the video.

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