Friday, March 21, 2014

Ashlee, Mele and Annliz Article on Flight MH370 disappearance

The Malaysia Airlines flight 370 disappeared on the 8th of march 2014 and the malaysian air force are still searching from this day forward. Before they even knew that something was going wrong the flight was scheduled to depart from Kuala Lampur, Malaysia and was supposed to land in Beijing but did not show. They tried to see what happened and after hours of searching to try and find it to see where it was it dissapeared off the radar they then thoughtit was lost in the air.

For the last week the air force was searching all around the area where it was supposed to go. Later in the week the search kept continuing until they came to there senses. Everybody that was part of the search team had there own opinions the main scenarios was that the plane had been hijacked, had a pilot error or crashed.

In the search they found that the plane had two people with stolen passports and tried to see if they might have been suspects in to the crime or if they were victims.They did background checks and busted into their homes but did not find any evidence of them being a part of the crimes.

The search still continued and each day they are still uncovering new clues on who hijacked it and where the plane is. They have some clues on who has hijacked it and are now trying to find out why and where.

My thoughts on the Hijack of the plane is ridiculous because where would they hide it and what will they do with it.

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  1. Hi Ashlee! My name is Sheridan Jones and I go to the University of South Alabama in Mobile, AL.You, Mele, and Annliz wrote a very good summary of the missing plane MH370. It is a very tragic and mysterious situation but I believe our search and rescue teams will be able to find them. You seem very interested in news, who knows, you could be a news broadcaster or journalist one day? Keep up the good work Ashlee!


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