Friday, March 14, 2014

Holiday Highlight

The glorious beach of Eastern Bay sends waves whooshing a shore as me and my family arrive. We unpack the car and headed on to the sand for a swim in king tide. Taking of our top clothes as we had already got changed at home we ran into the water like we only had five minutes left.

Jumping in the water it was freezing cold but once you got used to it it was like a pool at a lagoon. We floated around and started to go out farer and deeper because the tide wasn't fully in. We started to choke up sea water as we were playing games. 

My aunty arrived and as she did her partner came running in to the water with a volley ball and we started to play volley ball in the water. A few minutes later we got out and started playing cricket except for me. I played with my two little cousins we built sandcastles and then decorated it with shells.

After that the tide was beginning to go out so we packed up and got in the car and drove to a park and got some fish and chips we had relays and played on the park that was my favourite holiday highlight because I got to spend time with my family.

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