Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Bio Poem's Ashlee

Child of Janette and Kelvin.
Who loves Chocolate, Netball, Horrors and Puppies.
Who hates Buses, Dolls.
Who wants to go to Niue and Rarotonga.
Who wishes she could've met.
Who is scared of Piranhas and Snakes.
Who dreams of Being a Baker.
Who is determined to get her brother into rugby.
Who values her culture.
Who is proud of Mya because she is friendly.
Who graduated from Kindergarten.
Who lives in Meadowbank.
Who wish she could meet Anna Olsen to help inspire her dream.


I am Ashlee
I am 12 years old

I am a daughter of…
Kelvin and Janette
I am the sister of...
I am a niece of…
Many Aunties
I am a Netball Player...
For both club and school
I am interested in Baking…
Because I like the taste and smell

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