Friday, February 10, 2012

                                                   Hi my name is Ashlee I am 10 years old.
                                                My birthday is on the 29Th of December 2001.
                     I was born in Aotearoa at green lane hospital .I am from the Cook Island Niue and Pakiha
                                       I oringally have dark brown hair and my eye color is dark brown.

I love netball,touch,volleyball,soccer and T ball. But I've only played some of them and the rest of them I've seen my cousins play.
                                                           And they inspired me.
                                            My favorite singer is Beyonce and Rihanna.
Because I love there type of music theirs 2 People that I love there voice but aren't a real singer but are good they are Maila and Jamela.  Destiny Child is one of my favorite bands in the world I like them because my cousins name is the name of the band Destiny and because there music is great.

My favorite animal in the world would have to be puppy's because there cute cuddly and warm. My family and I are puppy lovers but we havn't got one yet because there really cute. but only the trained ones that can go to the potty.
My favorite T.V programme is Home and Away and Shortland street also shake it up. my topped rated movie would have to be Sione's 2 Unfinished Business,Waist Deep and Law Abiding Citzen. Because I like action,horror and comedy. Chocolate and pasta are my top rated food also sushi.

Games are what I love the most. My play station game that I love the most would have to be god of war. The computer game I play a lot are b cubed and bloxorz they are of cool maths games. It's a really cool site for when doing nmath games and ect. I don't love reading books but I love the subject. But my favorite book that I have read would have to be Twilight Breaking dawn. Just not the movie.

My hobbies that I enjoy doing and love. Would have to be swimming travelling cooking and well of course sleeping. I like all of them in many diffrent ways.  
My worst subject is writting. Because I don't do well and it's sort of boring. I'm more of a reading and maths girl. Also topic and art and craft.
Well i've got to say you already know my favourite subjects so. I'll just tell you again . My favorite subjects are reading,maths,topic and arts and crafts. Because there fun in many diffrent ways.
In My family I have a annoying little brother that is 2 his name is Connor (The rebel). My mum is only 28 shes annoying in a diffrent way her name is Janette. My dad's name is Kelvin and he is 31 he's cool. my friend's name's aee Porscha Kaycee Tyla Jorja and Jonita .
In the future I would like to be a singer and traveller. My Role model and hero is my cousin Gabby.

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