Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Weekend Packed With Fun

In the weekend my friends and I had a sleep over to celebrate our friendship anniversary.We had the sleepover at our friend Kaycee's house.

On the first night of our jam packed sleepover we got to play on the X Box Kinect. We played varieties of games. My favorite game there was Reflex Ridge and Space pop. They are some of the games on Kinect adventures. On Reflex Ridge it includes jumping, ducking and stepping also you had to collect pins. To collect them you had to fit into a position. For space pop you spread your wings to float to collect the coins you had to move left, right, back and front.To get the bubbles.

That night when it was pooring down with rain. We got to go out side and play in the rain. It was pretty funny watching our friend Porscha get wet because she screamed. We were dancing in the rain and having races I had mud slides with my self. When we found some plastic bag we filled them up and chucked them up in the air and watched them splat on the ground.

The next day Kaycee's mum took us to the lady 6 concert. We played this game when we had to hide in the crowd and try scare each other. We were all in teams it was my friend Porscha and I, against us it was my friend Tyla and Kaycee. My friend and I went into the bushes and spy'd on them we were so hard to find that they had to get another player and split up at the end they got bored so we had to call them to find us.

After that hot day we got to go to Pt Chevalier beach which was close to Mt Albert. As soon as I dipped my feet in I could not help my self but just run in it was so cold t was like what I wanted badly. Once we got in some of us started to swallow the sea water  and got sore throats. Our  friend's Kaycee and Tyla got cold so they got out not so long after my other friend and I trailed after them to the changing rooms.

Can you GUESS how many friends came?

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