Friday, June 13, 2014

Netball Weather

As the ref blew her whistle to start the game we were all ready to play, despite the awful weather.
The site of the weather was like a hurricane or tsunami was just about to hit us. It felt like the rain was hail and the wind was forced upon us. It was freezing!

The 1st quarter had started and we were all running to the ball to try and get the ball and take it to our teams hoop. If you don’t already know what this is it is Netball. Once we got the ball we threw it down the court to another player on our team. Then to another it was like hot potato, it reached the end and that’s when the ref blew her whistle “ goal “ she said.

Quarter after quarter the ball was getting slippery and we were getting numb. You could tell because the passes were going everywhere and slipping out of the team members hands. Chasing after to get the ball it was hard as the rain kept going in our eyes making the sight poor it was like we were in the movie frozen. Intercepting the ball we were getting buffeted by the wind like we were puppets. Time!

On the sideline I was thinking that it could never get worse but I spoke too soon cause the last quarter was horrifying. Wind was brisk and our fingers were like icicle’s. Finally the game came to an end. Doing our cheers and handshake we were like statues who had gone for a swim. Cause our uniform was soaked.

Barging through the door I dived into the shower still cold I went and sat near the fire and waited  for my dinner. ”Never am I doing that again” I said to myself in the background I could hear my mum saying the same. Still to this day my shoes are wet after the sunshine.

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