Monday, June 30, 2014


My overall opinion for this term would have to be great I got time to know by classmates personally and made some more and new friends.

For my highlight it would have to be AFL as there were some amazing techniques and games that we played and participated in. I am most proud of my attendance because it has helped me to get into extension. I was disappointed this term that we didn’t get the chance to make any mtv’s or movies to show what we learnt and that we had to do animations for all of those boxes.

In the 1st term my tasks were to a great standard but they weren’t handed in on time. This term I think I have been able to self manage myself and time a bit more better than the previous term. I think that all my subjects have been finished to my potential except for my reading presentations I felt like there wasn’t enough work that had been put in. Doing so well in maths I know need to start on learning algebra and patterns. I hope that next term I will know them like my basic facts.

When working in groups I give my share of work and even more like finishing the task by myself. As much as doing all the work I do cooperate with my peers and the people that I don’t know that well.

Next term I am looking forward to the theme and all the subjects also to see if and when we get the opportunity to create a mtv with friends for our task also to seeing my friends and classmates.

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