Thursday, June 26, 2014


To review the past weeks we had spent with Tim, our AFL coach, we had a little test. The test was on seeing what we had learnt, and remembered such as what the marks and techniques were. Some of them are really easy because the name gives it away. The marks were specky, chest mark and high mark. More things we had learnt were hand ball, ruck, bounce and drop punt.

To get our muscles pumped and ready, as it was the morning, we played a little game of rats and rabbits. In our partners one was the rat and the other was the rabbit. It was confusing. Luckily it didn’t go on for too long.

Our next skill was the ruck.  It was similar to how they start the match in basketball. It was really funny because I was the tallest in my trio,which meant I got the ball every time.

Ending the session we played a game where we split into 4 teams and competed by hitting them with the ball. The technique that we used was the handball unless we wanted to get out. Sprinting towards my player I tried to corner them to get them out. Soon when it was their turn I knew that I would be their main target. Near the last match I figured that it wasn’t on wear they were it was the accuracy of our passes. Huffed and puffed it was the end. Sweat was dripping down some faces.

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