Thursday, December 4, 2014

Te Tuhi

                                      Te Tuhi
The intermediate block got to go to Te Tuhi to learn about cultural arts. Being a big bunch we went in classes on different days and sessions. If you don’t know where or what Te Tuhi is, well don’t stress I will tell you as I am nice.

Te tuhi is a place Pakuranga across from the back of the warehouse. It is a place with art exhibitions and other art programs. The art program we went to was called “ Stories from the Pacific our instructor for the day was Jeremy. So take a read on what we got up to that session.

After introducing himself we went into the art room where there was pieces of paper with four squares on the paper. Handing around two pieces of tapa cloth he explained what we were going to do. It turns out that we were going to make paper tapa cloths we did this by scrunching the paper. We then rubbed pastel in the boxes and then dyed the whole paper. If you are wondering what colours we used the answer would be earthy colours.

The next step was to dry them but to save time we used the ones that the previous class had made. On the paper we drew four designs to do with our home, culture, interests and family. These designs had to be BASIC.

I drew a turtle to represent my culture a volleyball to symbolise my interest. Also a sky tower to because every time I see it I know i’m nearly home. For my family I drawed a door with four heads coming out of the side.

To make these stand-out we coloured the background with pastel and dye. Jeremy said it would add a lot of attention if it 2 was pastel and the other 2 was dye. To make it look more awesomer we did them diagonally.

Moving on we went to the exhibition called The Manukau Water we looked at the different artworks created by artist. Most of them was based around water and sound. Watching the animations, movies and canvases I was so inspired as I knew that art isn’t just painting it was also other ways like sketching and all sorts of things.

Finishing our session Ana ( a girl from our class) stood up and said a huge thank-you on behalf of  the whole class. At the end of the day we each went home with a imitation tapa cloth and a little knowledge about art.

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