Friday, December 5, 2014


Rips are very powerful in fact they cause the most drownings in New Zealand. Most of these are caused because people panic and do not stay calm. Also when they get caught in a rip and they don’t know how to get out. But it is really easy to get out of a rip you just have to stay calm and swim to the any side where the rip ends.

Rips are just very powerful waves. But the thing some people don’t know is that rips don’t go on for ever they only stop where they start. And if you just let the rip take you out and swim back you would still be alive instead of drowning.

Most people get too freaked out about rips and end up drowning. One of the lifeguards on our trip told us that if you are drowning try and touch the ground before putting your hands up. Also to help them watch over the whole beach you should always have a adult with no matter if you’re responsible or not.

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