Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Banning Cars in Paris

The French government has made a law that people who own cars can only drive it on certain days. The specific law is that drivers with uneven license plates will drive on one day and drivers with even license plates will drive on the other day.

Basically they made this law to stop the pollution in paris. Because the pollution rates are really high and they want to try and solve it by taking half of the cars of the street. They have tried one day with the new law.

They organised this by putting a meeting together and making advertisements for the residents of paris but most of all for the drivers who own cars. When the law was tested they thought it was a good idea but for some reason they didn’t continue.

Now in Paris the cars are running as usual and maybe the pollution rates. Hopefully if you visit Paris it won’t be polluted and it will be the usual city. Bye

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