Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Two pieces of writing they each have the same topic the Treaty Of Waitangi

Here are my two pieces of writing they each have the same topic the Treaty Of Waitangi. I did to because I had them unfinished so I decide to finish them. ENJOY!!!.

Treaty of Waitangi

In the 1840’s, 174 years ago there was a treaty that was signed by                               british people and maori people, It was an agreement to stop the problems that kept occurring in new zealand.

The Queen had instructed William Hobson to come up with a treaty in three months time. On the last day of the three months that Hobson got to finish it, he still hadn’t translated it from english to maori. Mr Hobson had to work hard to get the job done so that the maori people would have  treaty to sign.  

The day before hobson had to present the treaty he still had to translate it
it didn’t look like he was that interested because he didn’t have a positive attitude. When he had finally translated the treaty and took it over new zealand it was the 6th of February 1840.

When Hobson presented the treaty it was in waitangi that’s why the treaty is called the treaty of waitangi. In the progress of signing the treaty there was a whole lot of debate and maori chiefs not signing. As it came closer to the day some of the chiefs had came to their senses and others whanau had convinced them.

The treaty is now a really old document that has been around for  

Picture yourself in the 1840s when there was only a few house’s and was also Maraes, Tents, Marquees and little shacks. The land was grassy and sandy. Several british people had packed food and sailed over to new zealand. By the time they got there the food was finished because they had ate it all on their voyage. Who would blame them their journey was 11,426km they must of been hungry?  When they arrived at N.Z the Maoris provided them with food and shelter.
The Queen had already instructed William Hobson to go over to N.Z in three months time with a treaty that still needed to be made up.

Three Months passed and Hobson was on his way to New Zealand to present the treaty. When the maori chiefs had thought through the treaty and signed it everything was going smoothly.

until the british didn’t keep their part of the deal. Thats because the Treaty meant to different things. The maori chiefs confronted the british and made them keep up their part of the deal. But the british kept using New Zealand for sovereignty. So the maori’s spoke up and made it good.

How I feel about the treaty I feel that the treaty means a lot because of how long it’s been around also how it made New Zealand a safe and happy place. Thinking of the treaty it is a very important document especially to new Zealand Citizens.

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