Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Point England Way

At Point England Primary/Intermediate we have values and our title for them is called the Point England Way. We have them at Point England School so that we can learn better and be a good school and community. The purpose of it is to help each other get on better and to love and care for one another. The Values are for our attitude our self-being and our knowledge.

We started to do the Point England Way approximately thirteen years ago. Alot of these value are said in assembly's. Each value has come across being in assembly more than 5 time's for the past thirteen years.Alot of these values are said as weekly koreros. We have a quiz to help us remember them each time we remember it we go on to the stage and say it to the school. We also get a principal's award.

The Point England Way affects our learning because it helps us to get up and put a positive attitude on all our subjects. Don't get me wrong it also help's us at Morning tea and lunch. It help's us with sports and other activities. The Point England Way isn't always for school it is for outside of school too. Even though were not in school we still have to represent it in front of the community.

Some of the Korero’s are Tiaki Taonga, Kia Pai Te Kotahi, Purua To Potai. These are our korero’s that are translated in maori and if you don’t know what they mean I will tell you. Tiaki Taonga means to care, for our family community our learning and most of all our school. Kia Pai Te Kotahi means that it is better together. Last but not least is Purua To Potai which means to put your hat on. There are plenty more koreros but I thought that those three should be enough.

How the Point England Way helps me. The Point England Way helps me when I am at home, school and when anywhere. It also helps me when at sports trainings. I am really sure that if anybody learnt the Point England Way it would help them.

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  1. Well done Ashlee I think you have explained The Point England Way very clearly.


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