Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Favourite Girl Singers

I like her because I like her weird costumes and her songs. I am so addicted to her because when I found out that her songs were on my dads phone I made a play list . She is so talented and successful. When I ever sing it’s always a case of lady gaga.

Jesse j is another piece of my favorite singer heart. I like her songs but there’s only 2 that I know and they are Not about the money and no body's perfect. But my favorite is no body’s perfect.

Pink is the other talented singer that I like. I think she should be LADY Gaga sister because they both are crazy and talented. Lady Gaga has got funky costumes and pink's got some funky hair

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  1. Wow Lady gaga,Pink and Jesse Jay are really cool I want to know about you do you want to be like them? Explain why you like them and are you going to be like one. I really like the rest of your story it is really


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