Friday, September 5, 2014

Acrostic Poem about Lesieli

Lesieli is one of my Best Friends this year. She is a Year 7 that attends Point England school the same as me. She is very Jumpy, Hypo, Beautiful, Positive and can be a little annoying sometimes but she is still a cool and trustworthy person and I cherish her as if we were related.  That's why I have chosen to write an acrostic poem about her to let you know her and her characteristics.

Laughter. One of the things about Lesieli is that she is always fulled with Laughter

Energy. Every time I see her whether it's in the morning or after she just finished playing a netball game she always has energy.

Sympathy. One of the many reasons she is one of my Best friends is because she shows sympathy for anybody she sees or knows

Independent she can be very Independent with her work but outside of work she likes to spend it with her friends.

Eligible. She has the potential to be a great future pupil and could be the next Female Prime Minister 

Lifesaver. Lesieli has many cool things about her but the one particular thing about her is she will save peoples whether it a saying or it's real

Intelligent. Lesieli is very bright and smart.

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