Monday, July 21, 2014

Immersion Assembly

Another term goes by which leads to another year. Luckily it’s not the last one of the year.”Saying that I better tell you what the term is it’s term 3”. This term we are learning all about Glasgow which is the commonwealth games. We watched the teams of teachers present to the school what they are learning about in our immersion assembly.

Before we got into the entertainment we were told about the different types of bikes that they brought to show. By they I mean Ms Tito and Mr Jacobson. Next was a video from our principal cause he wasn't able to attend the assembly as he was on his way back from the USA.

With all the items from the teams of teachers they were nearly all about Glasgow. Except for team five which is my team they did a movie about all their travels that they did individually. One went to Spain, USA, Chile, New York and Fiji. In the movie there was a picture with Mrs Clark, which is a teacher, with Kim Kardashian in the background of her photo.

It came to an end and I was wondering how next term’s immersion assembly will beat this term. Here we come Term 3!

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