Thursday, December 8, 2011

Netbook Reflection

At the begging of this year we got to purchase a net book to last us for three years from the school for our pencil and paper. A year on from this we are going to show you a reflection. About the positives and the negatives and the things that we would do if our Netbooks got taken of us and got replaced again with pencil and paper.

Some positive thing’s about our Netbooks are that they have Internet, you can install games and that you can type instead of writing with pencil. Some stuff about the Internet is that you can go on skype you tube and math sights like X-tra math and Math Whizz. Some stuff with out use of the Internet are Tux-Paint Gedit text edit and more Educational Games and stuff. Some more stuff is that we get our own blog and Google docs.

Some negative things about our Netbooks are that they don’t automatically have Internet and when it does it some time’s go’s slow. The battery runs out fast and you don’t have to charge a book some other stuff are that you have too much emails at once and they normally about work which puts you in to more work and which you get bored. Some stuff at home are that if you have younger siblings they find it and they wreck it.

If our

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