Thursday, May 26, 2011

Monique's 1st birthday

We had to take a brisk walk to the train station, to catch the train to town and then to catch the bus to the North Shore Centre. Finally we had to take another brisk walk to my Nana's house. Luckily we just lived around the corner or else we would have been dead with all the walking.

When we arrived at 1.15 we had to wait until 5 o'clock because we had to wait until their auntie Celia, her boyfriend and her two little cute twins(boys) and their other aunties and uncles arrived.

It was time to eat, we were eating hangi but I do not eat hangi so I ate salad and sausage rolls. We ate some ice-cream and cake from the cheese cake shop. When it was time to go, my cousins and I didn't go. We stayed behind so we could go to the library and go shopping. At the end I missed my cousin Maggy.

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